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Fast Filtering of Reflection Probes

Game and movie studios are switching to physically based rendering en masse, but physically accurate...


Filmic SMAA: Sharp Morphological and Temporal Antialiasing

Where we cover Filmic SMAA, the morphological/temporal antialiasing solution saczhipped in consoles ...


Efficient GPU Rendering of Subdivision Surfaces

Abstract We present a novel method for real-time rendering of subdivision surfaces whose goal is to ...


Volumetric Global Illumination at Treyarch

We present a solution for indirect diffuse lighting as an alternative to traditional lightmaps. The ...


Practical Real-Time Strategies for Accurate Indirect Occlusion

We present new systems for occlusion of indirect lighting: GTAO for screen-space ambient occlusion, ...


Sparse Shadow Trees

Lighting large outdoor scenes continues to present a challenge for realtime rendering. Cascaded shad...