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Rendering of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

This lecture presents a technical deep dive into COD:IW renderer and the architectural design proces...


Ambient Dice

We present a family of basis functions designed to accurately and efficiently represent illumination...


Fast Filtering of Reflection Probes

Game and movie studios are switching to physically based rendering en masse, but physically accurate...


Filmic SMAA: Sharp Morphological and Temporal Antialiasing

From Siggraph 2016, our antialiasing technique for games. Click here to download complete presentati...


Efficient GPU Rendering of Subdivision Surfaces

We present a novel method for real-time rendering of subdivision surfaces whose goal is to make subd...


Volumetric Global Illumination at Treyarch

We present a solution for indirect diffuse lighting as an alternative to traditional lightmaps. The ...


Practical Real-Time Strategies for Accurate Indirect Occlusion

We present new systems for occlusion of indirect lighting: GTAO for screen-space ambient occlusion, ...


Sparse Shadow Trees

Lighting large outdoor scenes continues to present a challenge for realtime rendering. Cascaded shad...