The Central Tech group is comprised of two main groups: engineers and researchers. Engineers help with the production of all the titles, carrying over knowledge and facilitating sharing between studios. Our team of researchers often invest time in more long-term avenues of investigation, while keeping a strong connection with the needs of the studios. We focus on problem-solving. Our goal is to ship games, not middleware. We have visionary and creative talent distributed all over the globe, from small one- and two-person offices to larger support teams across the US and in Canada, Spain, England, and Ireland.


We work at the interface of design, big data engineering, and math to empower the most epic entertainment experiences for players. 

You can follow our blog here: Game Science Blog


We are a cross-disciplinary, production-focused research group. We advance new technologies to support the creative goals & visual development of projects across studios. Our team consists of engineers, artists, & researchers with extensive experience in both the games & VFX industries. 

Recent project: The Emotion Challenge


We build the back-end services of multiple titles that enable the games to run smoothly, quickly, efficiently, ensure the data is safe and compliant, and that the multiplayer matches are fair. We build fail-safe, large-scale sever deployments, and ensure the secure, in-game integration of registration, authentication, marketplace and eWallet services.


We strive to support efficiencies across all our studios. This may take the path of R&D of new, explorative techniques; the implementation of state-of-the-art graphics, animation, lighting, and cinematics; improving our level editor; or creating best of breed build systems and server farms.

Recent Project: Ambient Dice


We partner with our first-party studios to help develop title-specific runtime code, with particular expertise in graphics, optimization, engine, and systems programming. We also help develop or improve tools to benefit workflows and iteration times.

Recent project: Rendering of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


We build and provide a suite of products and services crucial for titles, including matchmaking, identity management, microtransactions, statistics and leaderboards, data pipeline, and social features. We work closely with studios on game design and provide tools to tune the player experience. We also manage our own data centres and storage, with a stress on scalability, reliability, and security.