Telescope: Activision Webkit

Telescope: Activision Webkit contains open source software licensed under BSD license, Mozilla Public License Version 1.1, GNU Library General Public Licence Version 2.0, the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1,  or other open source licenses. The source code for the open source software is made available to you here. The software is provided without warranty of any kind.

Telescope: Activision Webkit is included in some of our games. As our games are often updated, the latest version of the Telescope: Activision Webkit source code is matching the one used in our current live game. Please find the corresponding version in the table below.


Product Source code License
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
Call of Duty: Warzone


USD Shell Extension

USD Shell Extension uses Windows Explorer to interact with USD files. It provides thumbnails, a 3d preview, exposes stats and metadata, and integrates with Windows Search.


Structpact is a standalone tool that can be used to help develop software but is not linked into or shipped with any software.