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The design of Call of Duty matchmaking is driven by our goal to create the best experiences for our player community.

As part of our commitment to an ongoing conversation about the Call of Duty matchmaking process, we are launching a new series of white papers from our technology team that will further expand on how Call of Duty builds online matches.

The first topic of focus in the Call of Duty Matchmaking Series is one of the most critical factors in the overall process: Connection, specifically Ping.

The next white paper in the matchmaking series will detail the role skill plays in the process.    This second white paper in the series is scheduled to post in June following additional tests, data examination, and analysis from our teams.

Here is a look at the calendar of matchmaking-focused white papers scheduled for release this year (Note: targeting timing may shift):

·       Ping – LIVE

·       Skill – June 2024

·       Ranked Play – Late Summer 2024

·       Experimentation Methods – Fall 2024

These white papers will complement additional posts planned for the Call of Duty Blog throughout the year to continue the conversation about Call of Duty’s matchmaking process.

To read the full paper CLICK HERE

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