Skyscraper Zombies Advancing Call of Duty's Systems for Giant AI

Andrew Hoyt

  1. In this talk, Andrew Hoyt discusses the unique technical and design challenges involved in pioneering giant monster AI in 'Call of Duty'. The talk is presented in a postmortem format and focuses on the specific challenges that were faced when creating boss AI for the franchise in recent years (2021-2023). Due to the nature of 'Call of Duty's' annual release schedule, the talk features how they tackled complex issues with cost-effective solutions. Specific topics include their approach to pathfinding/movement, making attacks feel varied with limited animations, and what engine modifications were required when the assumption was that an AI was a human soldier.
  2. This talk was originally presented at GDC 2024 on March 18, 2024.

To view the PowerPoint CLICK HERE

For those with access to GDC Vault, the full presentation can be viewed HERE

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